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What happens when an executive coach and professional matchmaker come together?  They give birth to a relationship retreat. 


Ted Santos, Executive Coach and LeTisha Underwood, Certified Matchmaker have conceived an idea that brings a neuropsychologist, dating expert, wellness coach,  and celebrity relationship expert to present and strut their stuff in a retreat. 

The retreat is called, “Becoming The Love Of Your Life”.  


For most people, they hear how important it is to love yourself before you can love another.  While that is important, Ted and LeTisha thought there was something missing in the world of dating and relationship advice.  What’s missing is helping people understand who they have to be to attract and retain the person you want to love for life.  In other words, you have to become the very person you want to have in your life.  


Most advice focuses on a list of things to seek in another.  Focusing on the list others should possess will never allow you to look in the mirror.  In this transformational retreat, you will have opportunities to look in multiple mirrors and acquire tools to become the person you have always wanted to be, but did not know how.  With those tools, it becomes easier to recognize the person who is most compatible with you.  And every study on successful relationships/marriage say compatibility is the key that keeps couples together.  


Join us for this life changing event.  

Meet Our Experts

To have a satisfying and fulfilling relationship, it starts with you!

Get ready to have your mind and the way you view dating and relationships transformed. Each expert will offer a unique experience in a cultivated group setting. Feel free to interact and ask questions.

Choose three experts you would like to attend an intimate and informative group session with. Each session is 1 hour long.

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