Traits of a High Value Woman

  1. She knows her worth

  2. She loves and respects herself and others

  3. She is kind and compassionate

  4. She is self-aware and empathetic

  5. She is grounded in maturity

  6. She takes care of herself

  7. She embraces her vulnerability

  8. She is cooperative

  9. She gives back

  10. She understands power dynamics

  11. She understands her role in relation to hvmen

  12. She has effective Social Skills

  13. She is nurturing

  14. She moves with discretion

  15. She is emotionally intelligent

  16. She has conflict resolution skills

  17. She is graceful

  18. She is classy

  19. She is elegant

  20. She has soft skills

  21. She is a woman of integrity

  22. She’s trustworthy

  23. She has principals

  24. She honors her boundaries

  25. She has a value system and lives by it

  26. She exhibits sound judgment

  27. She is a good communicator

  28. She is resourceful

  29. She can network/has a network

  30. She’s of use to a high value man

  31. She’s accepted into and useful to the group of other hvw

  32. She understands societal norms

  33. She won’t go around stating she is a high value woman

  34. She adds value to everyone and everything around her

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