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Certified Matchmaker LeTisha Underwood Unveils "From Dating To A Diamond Ring: A Guide To Vetting and Marrying A High Value Man"

LeTisha Underwood, a highly regarded and experienced certified professional matchmaker specializing in high-value, high-net-worth men, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of her groundbreaking book, "From Dating To A Diamond Ring: A Guide To Vetting and Marrying A High Value Man." Drawing upon a decade of expertise and her personal journey, LeTisha provides an indispensable roadmap for women seeking to navigate the complex world of high-value dating and secure a lasting, fulfilling marriage.

With an impressive track record and a wealth of knowledge amassed over her 10-year career, LeTisha's book is set to revolutionize the way women approach relationships. Based on her own experiences as a successful matchmaker and her 11-year marriage, she offers practical strategies, invaluable insights, and a step-by-step vetting process to guide readers towards their desired outcome.

"From Dating To A Diamond Ring" explores the unique challenges and intricacies of building relationships with high-value men, providing readers with an insider's perspective on establishing successful partnerships. LeTisha's approach empowers women by sharing proven techniques and highlighting the qualities that high-value men seek in their life partners.

LeTisha's expertise extends beyond her professional achievements. As a devoted mother, she has guided her own daughter to a joyous engagement, further solidifying her belief in the transformative power of her guidance.

In her book, LeTisha addresses the aspirations of young women under 35, offering a comprehensive guide to achieving their goal of marriage. She shares essential advice, empowering them to develop the necessary skills, mindset, and strategies required to attract and maintain relationships with high-value men.

"From Dating To A Diamond Ring: A Guide To Vetting and Marrying A High Value Man" is set to be released on August 26, 2023. The book will be available for pre-order on and can be purchased from major online book platforms.

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LeTisha Underwood

CEO, Executive Matchmaker, Dating Specialist


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