Meet #TheMatchMaker

LeTisha Underwood~ CEO, Executive MatchMaker

Hello, my name is LeTisha Underwood and I am the CEO and Executive MatchMaker at Two Hearts Exclusive Matchmaking Services....the number one question I always receive is "why did you decide to start matchmaking?" and my answer is always the same, I unofficially started connecting friends in 2013. But before then I received a revelation in 2012 while taking part in my church's Singles group (Waiting and Dating). As I was looking around, hearing the heartbreaking stories about love and loss, heartache and heartbreak, it came to me that if there were enough single people in a small setting that they would naturally connect. And so I started hosting small get-togethers at my house. I remember the first couple that I wanted to match. He was in the Singles group and I didn't like the female he was interested in at the time (wasn't a good match) and she was on the church Step-Drill team with me. I first had the vague thought that they would be perfect for each other. Lo and behold, in May of 2013 they were connected. Ever since then I knew this was my calling, my purpose in life. To help others find their true love is such a fulfilling and rewarding feeling.

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