Dating 101

Dating can be overwhelming. Most people dread the thought of having to meet up with someone they barely even know. The second guessing, trying to figure out what to wear and the insecurities just to name a few issues that keep you from enjoying the process. A few tips to keep in mind that will keep you and your date at ease:

1. Hygiene is very important. Shower and make sure your clothes are clean, neat and fit you. Doesn't hurt to wear a little cologne or perfume.

2. Choose a place that is fun. Nothing like laughter to break the ice. Quiet and intimate settings should be reserved for the second date, if you should succeed.

3. Stay away from heavy topics such as politics and religion. Do not ask personal questions such as what do you do for a living or what's your yearly salary?

4. Not only listen, but pay attention to what your date is saying as well. Be attentive and reiterate what is being said in order to move the conversation along.

5. If you've decided to dine out, please tip and do so appropriately!!

Let Us Make The Connection!

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