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Our Services
  • Email Correspondence

    5 min
    24.97 US dollars
  • Online

    30 min
    37.99 US dollars
  • Online

    15 min
    97.99 US dollars
  • Online

    30 min
    157.99 US dollars
  • Non-Refundable

    1 hr
    197.99 US dollars
  • Non-Refundable

    1 hr 30 min
    227.99 US dollars
  • Non-Refundable (Local Residents Only)

    2 hr
    374.99 US dollars
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How This Works

MatchMaking Services

Our matchmaking services are provided for men who are seeking long-term commitment. Our ideal client is one who's very financially successful with traditional values.



  • A 2 hr in-person or virtual consultation 

  • Choose matchmaking plan

  • Contract and Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Complete In-Depth Profile (IDP)

  • Complete Personality Assessments

  • Background Check


This entire process can take up to 2 weeks to complete.


Client will then engage in introductions with our curated database members. 

  • 6 Blind introductions (Basic)

  • 6 introductions with photos (VIP)

  • Private meet & greet with 10 matches (Concierge)

  • 3 Dates (Concierge) 


*Not every applicant is accepted as a client. If your initial application is rejected, you will receive a full refund of your consultation fee. 

**Pricing is only discussed during a consultation. Please to do not call or email us about how much matchmaking services cost.

Database Members

Our database is only offered to young women who go through the Getting To I Do~ 12 month mentoring program.


It is carefully curated with our exclusive clients in mind and is a lifetime membership.


After completing the mentorship program, each member is taken through our screening process that includes:​

  • Completing In-Depth Profile (IDP)

  • Background Check

  • Completing Personality Assessments

  • Intake Interview (done virtually)


*This process can take up to 2 weeks to complete​


Dating Specialist Service

This service is offered for singles who are struggling with dating.

All strategy sessions are conducted online.

Links to the conference call are sent at least 24 hours before session. 


The Dating Specialist will then go over your dating/relationship history and an assessment of your dating style using the Socratic method is given.

If you have signed up for an Audit, please have dating profiles and social media set to public.


All fees associated with our services are non-refundable.

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